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Millions of Americans suffer from disorders in the ears or symptoms of hearing loss. There is a myriad of reasons people develop difficulty hearing throughout their lives, and there are preventative measures individuals can take that can thwart or help avoid issues with their hearing. Keep reading to learn about four tips Downriver ENT suggests to help avoid hearing loss. 

woman listening to music

Avoid Excessively Loud Noise

We all love playing our favorite songs at maximum volume or getting the cinematic feel of sound during the movies, but aside from age, noise is the number one reason people experience hearing problems. Turning up the decibel level in entertaining environments like concerts and shows is detrimental to your ears and has a direct correlation to hearing loss. One of the most influential steps anyone can take to prevent damage to their ears is eliminating loud noise0

.Man holding cigarette

Don’t Smoke

Yes, this classic culprit is guilty of contributing to hearing loss, as well. Research shows that tobacco use can make you more likely to lose your hearing or develop other troubles with your ears. We all know the major pitfalls of using tobacco products, so if you smoke, you can add possible hearing loss to the list of reasons why you should quit.

Man wearing hearing aids in construction

Wear Hearing Protection

Earplugs and over-the-ear protection are excellent preemptive measures to defend against harmful noise damaging your ears. Working in industries like construction and music production makes it easy to grow accustomed to the volume associated with your workplace. Even if it doesn’t bother you audibly, your ears and hearing suffer long-term.

Woman with hearing test machine

Have Your Hearing Tested

Having a professional check your hearing and the condition of your ears allows doctors to determine if any medical irregularities can be addressed to prevent future hearing loss. Oftentimes, struggles with hearing can be traced back to other health issues that could be causing the problem. Don’t let the discomfort or changes in your hearing fester and turn into a bigger dilemma down the road.

Along with up-to-date information, our knowledgeable staff at Downriver ENT provide comprehensive testing and treatment for all of your ear, nose, and throat concerns. Hearing loss can be extremely impactful, not only to those who suffer from the strain on themselves, but also the people they interact with. Call us and schedule an appointment at one of our Detroit locations today!