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Sinus infections and suffering from sinusitis can be tough. They affect a majority of people and can be more prevalent when you have allergies or a difficult cold. However, you can recover quickly with a few helpful do’s and don’ts! Detroit Sinus Center is here to help you through the process. With offices in both Allen Park and Southfield, we are conveniently located to serve your community. These are our tips and best practices when dealing with a sinus infection.

Do’s: What To Do When You Have A Sinus Infection

When you have sinusitis there are specific things you can do to reduce inflammation and pain, and to recover faster. Our doctors at Detroit Sinus Center recommend the following:

  • Stay hydrated: be proactive about drinking fluids. Your body needs to be fully hydrated in order to recover from a sinus infection. Also, drinking hot liquids like tea or soup can help break down the stuffiness and mucus in your nasal cavities.
  • Use a humidifier: the cool mist of a humidifier can help you feel less stuffy and release some of the built up mucus and pressure. Make sure you always use clean water and you routinely clean your humidifier to avoid further infection.
  • Use a warm compress: applying a warm compress like a washcloth to your face and allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes can also help break up the mucus and alleviate the pressure when you have a sinus infection.
  • Sleep: make sure you are getting plenty of sleep when you are fighting sinusitis. Your body needs to be well rested in order to fight the infection and recover properly.
  • Rinse your sinuses: using a neti pot or nasal spray can help clean out your nasal cavities and alleviate the pressure build up. Remember to always use distilled, sterile, or boiled water to cleanse your sinuses.
  • Over The counter drugs: if you have mild pain or pressure, over the counter drugs can help with this. We recommend acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain.
  • Exercise with caution: if you feel like exercising, great! Exercise can also help break up some of the mucus. However, always use caution when exercising with an infection, you may feel slightly dizzy as a result of your sinusitis.
  • Go to work and school: do not skip work or school because of a sinus infection. We always suggest that our patients continue their normal schedule.
  • Visit Detroit Sinus Center: when you feel a sinus infection coming on or you are experiencing more difficult symptoms, call for an appointment, we are here to help! Sometimes sinusitis cannot be handle on your own and we are here for that specific reason. If you continually suffer from sinus infections, our doctors may recommend balloon surgery, a safe and effective sinus procedure to alleviate sinus pain.

Sinusitis is frustrating and uncomfortable. With these best practices and our doctors, we will have you back to normal in a heartbeat.

Don’ts: What Not To Do With Sinusitis

Of course there are certain activities you should do when you have a sinus infection and things that you should not do when you have a sinus infection. We recommend avoiding the following activities to have a speedy recovery.

  • Don’t fly in an airplane: The pressure on an airplane can increase the pain in your ears and nasal cavities. If you can avoid it, we suggest not flying when suffering from sinusitis.
  • Don’t drink alcohol: You shouldn’t consume alcohol with a sinus infection. Alcohol dehydrates the body and can cause your nose and nasal cavities to swell when dehydrate, in turn exacerbating your symptoms.
  • Don’t swim in a pool: chlorine in swimming pools can irritate your nose, especially in higher doses. If suffering from sinusitis, avoiding returning to the pool until you’ve fully recovered from the infection.
  • Don’t breathe irritating materials or smoke:avoid breathing in harmful materials or fumes when you have a sinus infection. You should not smoke cigarettes or cigars. And, you should avoid high pollution areas. Try to breathe in clean, fresh air. This will be the best for your sinuses and your recovery.

Questions & Consultations

Our do’s and don’ts list is a pretty good place to start when dealing with a sinus infection. However, if you symptoms increase or you are experiencing continual sinusitis, please call one of our offices in Allen Park or Southfield for a consultation today. Our doctors and staff will be happy to answering any initial questions or concerns, and set you up with a scheduled appointment. Sinus infections are difficult, but relief is right around the corner and we can help. Call or visit Detroit Sinus Center today!