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Fall allergies are well on their way to making your fall season a nightmare! If you are like many people in Southfield, allergies are a daily part of life. Moreover, for some, it gets especially worse in fall. Ragweed and other culprits are all in bloom and clogging our sinuses this time of year. However, this year things will be different! This year you are going to fight back your fall allergies and triumph over your sneezing, and sinus congestion. Here are some tips from our ENT specialists in Southfield on how to fight allergies this fall.

Get Started Early!

It is hard to tell exactly when allergy season is going to kick in. Some years it’s later in the fall, some it’s closer to midsummer. Keep track of your allergies and monitor your areas allergy reports. You’ll be able to see when your specific allergies are kicking in for the fall. If you’re not sure which allergies you’re allergic too, come to Downriver ENT in Southfield and Dearborn. Our Expert ENT doctors can provide you with an allergy test to determine what allergens in Southfield are going to be bothersome for you. Once you have an idea of what you’re allergic to and when it will become prevalent, take action and start taking your allergy medication early! Taking allergy medication two weeks before necessary will make sure you get the minimal amount of flare-ups this allergy season.

Reduce Mold Levels

Mold grows wherever there’s water, and since water is everywhere, so is mold, and you’re likely allergic to it. In your home, you’ll probably find it in places where you have water fixtures, leaky windows, and in your basement. Outside, you can find mold in piles of leaves and other dead or dying foliage.

The best way to get rid of mold is to dry up these wet and dingy areas. Seal any leaks you may have and make sure to clean up any dead foliage around your home. Once you’ve got the water under control, scrub any visible mold and make sure to keep that area dry. In the basement, try investing in a dehumidifier and make sure it doesn’t get any more humid than 60% in your basement. As for dead or dying foliage, make sure to clean it up before mold has a chance to grow.

Take Extra Measures To Eliminate Pollen

When fall allergies are at their high, you need to do all you can to keep them from affecting your day to day. Just a little bit of pollen needs to hit your respiratory system to cause an allergic reaction. The best way to avoid this is first to find out what pollen you’re allergic to by getting an allergy test like the one provided at our Southfield ENT doctors office. Once you are aware of which kind of pollen you’re allergic to, monitor allergy reports every day when that pollen is planned to bloom If your allergy is in the air, it’s time to take extra precautions.

Whenever you come home, take your shoes and jacket off when you’re just inside your door. You should also take a shower if you’ve been outside most the day or you’ve been at the park, try taking a shower immediately when you get home. That way there is no chance for any airborne pollen that might have contacted you to spread through your house. You should also consider buying an air filter for your heater and an air conditioner that is HEPA rated. Using a HEPA filter will help prevent any allergens from outside getting in through the intake of your system.

Visit Your Local ENT Doctor In Southfield

As allergies can vary dramatically from person to person, we recommend you visit an Allen Park ENT specialist for an evaluation of your allergies. We can then recommend any other things you need to do to overcome your fall allergies. Contact our Southfield or Allen Park ENT specialists offices anytime during business hours to schedule your appointment. Call today; we hope to see you soon!