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As Southfields ENT and allergy specialists, Dr. Pinnock has seen many different types of allergies and allergy claims. Whether how you can or can’t get allergies or remedies to alleviate allergies, our team has seen it all. No matter what the case may be, the only way to truly know if you are allergic to something is by getting an allergy test. Our ENT specialists also do allergy tests to help our patients treat their unique allergies, giving them a happier healthier quality of life. Here are just a few of some of the most common myths we have seen throughout our time as allergy specialists in Southfield.

My Garden is Giving me Allergies

You shouldn’t necessarily blame the specific foliage around your house. A lot of people think that a tree in their yard or across the street is the main cause of their allergies. While that tree or bush might seem like it’s the bane of your allergies, it’s most likely a small contributor to your allergies in Allen Park. In fact, pollen can travel hundreds of miles on wind currents, making it highly improbable that your tree is the main culprit to your seasonal allergies. Some people go so far as to cut down a tree or plant that they think is giving them allergies, when in reality it’s likely not doing anything to them. Your time would be better spent going outside in the morning and at twilight when winds are low, lessing your likelihood of getting hit with an allergy attack.

Pets Can be Hypoallergenic

We often hear that pets with shorter hair are more hypoallergenic than longer haired pets. In actuality, the length of your pets hair has nothing to do with how allergic you are going to be to them. People aren’t allergic to pet hair, but the dander that pets create. Dander can be found in your furry friends saliva, skin, and urine. That being said, some pets can produce more danger than others but this can’t be determined by hair length or breed. Instead of worrying about if fido is going to give you a flare up, protect your home by bathing them regularly, using HEPA filters and leaving them outside as often as possible. This will mitigate your chances of getting an allergic reaction from your pet’s dander.

I’m Allergic To My Pillow

This myth mainly comes from pillows that are filled with goose down. People often claim that they are allergic to the down that is in their pillow because they are allergic to geese or other fowl. In actuality, down feathers that are used in bedding and pillows undergo a lengthy refining process to get rid of any of the allergens that could result in a flare-up. The more likely cause of being allergic to your pillow is the detritus that can end up here. Dust mites, mold, pet dander, or anything else left on our bodies. These can stay in our beddings and pillows for a long time and cause an allergic reaction The best way to get rid of this is to wash your bedding and pillows regularly.

Learn More About Your Allergies At Downriver ENT

There are many myths and wives tales about allergies and ways to cure them. While there is no cure for your allergies, you can take the right steps to help prevent flare-ups. The first step in doing so is to learn what your allergies are. Visit Downriver ENT today in Southfield and Allen Park to get an allergy test. Contact our offices today and see us soon!