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Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists in Allen Park & Southfield


Our skilled Otolaryngologists at Downriver ENT pride themselves on enabling our patients to live a life free from any discomforts and/or abnormalities in their ears, nose, or throat. For more than 30 years, residents living in the greater Detroit area — including those in Dearborn, Southfield, and Allen Park  — have trusted Dr. Lascelles Pinnock to perform superior ear, nose, and throat surgical procedures. Our specialists have improved thousands of lives by providing the utmost comfort to every patient and utilizing the very latest technological advancements within the industry.

Tonsils & Adenoids

Two of the most important features of the throat are the tonsils and the adenoids. The tonsils and adenoids are at the forefront of the immune system and act as the first line of defense for the body. When functioning properly, the tonsils and adenoids act as a filter and sample viruses and bacteria that enters the body through the mouth and nose. When the tonsils and adenoids fail to function properly they can become infected and can cause many problems including airway obstruction and repeated bacterial infections. No other ENT doctors in Detroit are better equipped to deal with any irregularities in the tonsils, adenoids, or any other area of the throat.

Throat Problems

There are many problems that can require the expertise of an ENT specialist, but the most common include:

  1. Repeated infections of the nose and throat.
  2. Substantial enlargement/swelling that leads to nasal obstruction and/or breathing, swallowing and sleep problems.

Abscesses around the tonsils, chronic tonsillitis, and any bacterial infections that cause foul-smelling, white deposits within the mouth can also adversely impact the tonsils and adenoids.

When Should You Contact Downriver ENT?

If you feel you or a loved on are suffering from any ailments of the throat, please call Downriver ENT, the home of your go-to Detroit-area ENT Specialists. Again, we serve residents throughout Dearborn, Southfield, Allen Park, Detroit, and the surrounding area. To learn more about ENT solutions for the throat, or to schedule an appointment, call our Allen Park office at (313) 381-8787 or our Southfield office at (248) 304-7772 or contact us online! We hope to improve the quality of your life soon!