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Are at Home Allergy Tests ReliableRecently there has been an increase in allergy test kits you can use at home. As Allen Park’s local allergy testing and ENT specialists, we thought we would shed some light on the differences between getting an allergy test at our Allen Park and Southfield offices and taking an allergy test at home.

Take Home Allergy Tests Don’t Test For as Many Allergies

Most take home allergy tests need you to take a small sample of blood and then send it away for evaluation in a lab. Once your sample comes back from the lab it will usually have results for ten different allergens you may be allergic to. An allergy test performed at our Southfield and Allen Park ENT doctors office can help determine if you are allergic to over 40 different allergens including pollen, mold, pet dander, and foods.

Allergy Tests Should Be Evaluated By A Professional

One of the biggest downfalls of take home allergy test kits is not having an allergy expert with you to check your results. There are often times when allergy testing when a false reading can take place, causing you to believe you’re allergic to an item you might not be. If this is a food, you could potentially be missing out on needed nutrients. You could also have the opposite effect where the test says you’re aren’t allergic and you actually are, potentially leading to a dangerous allergic reaction. If an ENT and allergy specialist were to check your test, they could assess your allergy test and determine if the readings are valid.

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