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Suffering from a scratchy throat or a stuffy nose? With over 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, you’re not alone. Our skilled ENT specialists at Downriver ENT in Southfield, Allen Park, and the general Detroit area not only continuously strive to provide our patients with the best treatment for their ear, nose, or throat conditions, but to help control patient’s allergies as well.Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.19.37 PM

Having allergies doesn’t mean you should suffer, especially in your own home. Our Southfield ENT specialists at Downriver ENT recommend the following tips to help improve your comfort at home.

Figuring out the Cause

Determining what you are allergic to is the first step of preventing your allergies. At Downriver ENT we offer allergy testing for our patients throughout the general Detroit area. Allergy testing can reveal many common allergies, such as pollens, household allergens, and mold. This gives patients the ability to target particular allergies that affect them at home. Book your allergy test at our Southfield or Allen Park locations to determine the cause of your allergies today!

Begin with the Bedroom

At Downriver ENT, we believe everyone should be able to sleep comfortably. So here are some tips to from our Southfield and Allen Park ENT specialists to help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

  • Bedding: Dust is not only a common allergen, but is also frequently found on many fabrics. Our Southfield and Allen Park ENT specialists recommend using dust-mite-proof covers for your pillows, mattresses and box springs. Also, wash your sheets, blankets, cover comforters, and pillowcases once a week in hot water that is at least 150 F
  • Curtains and blinds: Blinds and shades trap fewer allergens than curtains or drapes. Yet if you prefer fabric window treatments, opt for ones that are machine washable.
  • Declutter: More stuff means more dust. Try to get rid of unnecessary objects in your home that just offer more places for allergens to hangout.

Other Tips for Allergy Proofing Your Home

A few simple changes in your home can cause significant allergy relief. At Downriver ENT, we offer our patients in the Detroit area the following tips.

  • Flooring: If possible, remove carpeting and replace it with wood, or any other impervious flooring. This is because carpeting collects practically of the allergens that enter your home, and then re-releases when it gets walked upon.
  • Clean air: Choose a HEPA filter, or any small particle filter to get clean air in your house. Try to keep your house well ventilated and make sure your ductwork is not leaking.
  • Clean Bathroom: Bathrooms are typically a hotspot for collecting mold and other allergens. It is important that you clean your bathroom regularly, dry wet surfaces, clean walls, have no leaks in your water pipes, and make sure that you have good ventilation.


Stop Your Allergies Today

Our team of ENT specialists in Detroit strive to offer our patients quality care and ultimate comfort. If you struggle with your allergies, please contact us and book appointment at our Allen Park or Southfield offices today!