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Living With Pets And AllergiesOne of the hardest parts about having pet allergies is not being able to have a furry friend of your own! This is especially true if you previously didn’t have an allergy to dogs or cats and then develop one as you got older. If you’re looking for an allergy free furry friend you might look for a hypoallergenic cat or dog. While people may react differently between different breeds of dog or cat there is technically no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat or dog. The real reason behind some dogs and cats being less likely to trigger your allergies than others boils down proteins found in dog and cat saliva. The most common place to find this protein other than your animal’s saliva is on the dead, dried flakes from your pet’s skin, also known as dander. While it’s impossible to find a completely hypoallergenic dog or cat for you to live with, there are some precautions you can take to help minimize your allergic reaction to our furry friends.

Get an Allergy Test From Your Southfield & Allen Park ENT

There could be a chance that you aren’t actually allergic to your animals and are allergic to something else in your home. The only way to know for sure is to receive an allergy test like the ones administered by Dr. Pinnock and Dr. Stachler at Downriver ENT. This way we can pinpoint what is causing your allergic reaction and help determine what can be done to help your allergies.

Get Some Serious Filtration

If you have a cat or dog, dander can be found throughout your home. On the carpet, the couch, and even in the air there’s pet dander. A good idea to help alleviate the amount of pet dander in your home is to invest in HEPA filters for your home. HEPA filters remove fine particulates in your house and can be installed in many different places. You can find HEPA filters for air conditioning and heating units, some vacuums, and most air purifiers use HEPA filters.

Create Your Own Pet Free Space

With a dog or cat inside your home all day it can be hard to find a place to go when your allergies kick up. This is why you should consider having a pet free area where you can go and not worry about your allergies. We recommend using your bedroom, this way you will have a quiet place to not only get away, but you won’t have to worry about your allergies keeping you up at night. The best thing to do when making your pet free space is to first, keep your pet out of the area at all times. Another thing to consider is purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter dedicated to your room. Finally, put a mattress cover or allergy resistant bedding on your bed. Dander and allergens can find their way deep inside your mattress, making it almost impossible to clear it of allergens. One thing to keep in mind if you already have a pet and are trying to create an allergy free space. Pet dander can travel throughout your home and can take some time to go away, usually 6-8 months depending on the allergen.

Give Fido A Bath

This step takes a little extra dedication depending on how much your dog likes baths. Studies have shown that giving your dog a bath once a week can reduce pet dander by as much as 84%. There are also pet shampoos that claim to reduce dander further, but always consult your vet to determine which shampoos are best for your dog. As for cats, you should not try to give them baths, cats are naturally a very clean animal and there is not much you can do in terms of grooming other than brushing their fur regularly, but this can cause an allergy flare up as well.

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If you are looking for an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Allen Park and Southfield Michigan contact Downriver ENT today. We can help you learn more about your allergies and help determine the best route for you to live a happier, allergy free life. We hope to hear from you soon!