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What to Expect Before and After a Tonsillectomy

Throat Specialist Southfield

What to Expect During a Tonsillectomy Banner

What to Expect Before and After A Tonsillectomy At Downriver ENT, we’re proud to serve patients from throughout Allen Park, Southfield, and Dearborn, MI with comprehensive ear, nose, and throat medical care. One of the more common illnesses our Allen Park throat doctors see is tonsillitis.In short, a bacteria called Streptococcus Pyogenes typically causes tonsillitis […]

Living With Pets And Allergies

Allergy Treatment in Southfield

Helping Your Child Recover From a Tonsillectomy Banner

One of the hardest parts about having pet allergies is not being able to have a furry friend of your own! This is especially true if you previously didn’t have an allergy to dogs or cats and then develop one as you got older. If you’re looking for an allergy free furry friend you might […]