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Welcome to our blog page here at Downriver ENT. Each of our two Michigan locations specializes in providing quality ENT services to the fine people of Southfield, Allen Park, and the surrounding areas. With so many ear, nose, and throat issues plaguing us on a regular basis, we know how important it is that we remain available to treat those problems both chronic and temporary.

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Downriver ENT would love to provide you with allergy testing so that you can take the right medications to meet your specific needs. Do you or a loved one deal with consistent ear, nose, or throat issues? There might be an underlying problem that you’re unaware of. Reach out to us at Downriver ENT today to schedule your appointment.

Dealing With Ear, Nose, and Throat Issues

With the approaching conclusion of spring and the beginning of summer just around the corner, we’re staying active, appreciating some much-needed family time, and we’re enjoying the outdoors more than ever before. With that lifestyle, the allergies that plague us often rear their ugly head. Dealing with seasonal allergies, depending on how severe your condition is, can be incredibly life-interrupting and hard to treat.

In the same vein as allergies are the ear, nose, and throat issues that affect us, cause problems for our kids, and often make our lives miserable. Sometimes the most difficult part about dealing with ear, nose, and throat issues is that it can be difficult to track down the underlying cause of the problems. However, when you’re working with the right ENT specialist, you’ll be able to get clarity about your or your child’s condition, and with that knowledge, you’ll be able to seek the right kind of treatment.

In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to take a closer look at everything that Downriver ENT offers and we’ll dive into some of the most common services, recent successes, and all of the reasons why you should choose Downriver ENT. Continue reading on to learn more about the life-changing services that we offer.

Downriver ENT Services

1. Allergy Testing

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows how frustrating, uncomfortable, and even life-altering they can be. Mild allergies are hard enough to deal with; severe allergies can make a person feel like they’re constantly fighting a horrible cold, coping with a painful migraine, or walking around with a constantly stuffy head.

For over three decades, Downriver ENT has been helping people with their allergies here in Southfield and Allen Park. Our ear, nose, and throat specialists can help find the root cause of your discomfort and work with you to come up with a solution or medication that works for you. Anyone who deals with headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, itchy throat, or anything similar — especially if they notice more significant symptoms with the changing of the seasons — should reach out to our ENT experts either in Southfield or Allen Park.

2. Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

In addition to all of the work that we do for people with allergies in and around Dearborn and Southfield, we also specialize in diagnosing and treating certain forms of oral, head, and neck cancers. Because cancer anywhere in the body needs to be diagnosed and treated immediately, we work hard to provide diligent treatment to all of our Dearborn-area patients.

Cancers that form in the oral cavity are often found on the tongue or the floor of the mouth and appear as small red or white patches of tissue. Though these ulcers usually look like canker sores, cancerous lesions are painless. Some lesions in the mouth may end up being benign, some of them may be malignant, and still, others might simply be precancerous. Those individuals who have used tobacco and tobacco products are at the highest risk of getting oral cancer.

The Importance of Early Detection

When you come into Downriver ENT at the first sign of something different in your mouth, you’re giving yourself the very best chance of a full recovery. With a biopsy, we’ll be able to get the extent of whether or not your lesion is cancerous and we’ll be able to help you navigate treatment options from there. Make sure that you make an appointment with Downriver ENT the moment you notice any of the following:

  • Pain While Swallowing
  • Strained Breathing
  • Pain in the Ear
  • Lump in the Neck (lasting longer than two weeks)
  • New Growth in the Mouth
  • Bleeding from the Mouth, Nose, or Throat

Whether you need allergy testing, or you’d like a biopsy performed for a new growth in your mouth, Downriver ENT is Southfield and Allen Park’s answer for all things ENT-related.

Thanks for joining us for part one of our two-part blog series. Make sure that you stay tuned for part two of our blog series which will be coming soon! In the meantime, check out our website to learn about our services, read some great reviews, and to make your appointment at one of our amazing Michigan locations. Contact us now!